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Vacation Rentals in Saigon

 For a unique experience when you’re traveling to Vietnam, ditch the hotels and motels and try a vacation rental instead. Vacation rentals are wonderful because travelers get a relaxed environment and all the comforts of home. Not only that, but they’re often cheaper than staying in any hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, especially if you use the kitchen and cook several of your meals rather than eating out. On the flip side, there’s no housekeeper to tidy up your room every day. But how bad is it to make your own bed when the savings allow to you stay longer or take a trip you might not otherwise have been able to afford?

Types of Vacation Rentals
Different forms of vacation accommodations available include:
• Condos
• Apartments
• Small cottages
• Cabins
• Villas

Vacation Rental Amenities
Each vacation rental generally comes with a vast number of amenities, which may include personal TVs, DVD players, and sound systems, not to mention comfortable furniture and a kitchen so you can save on dining costs. Some add the luxury of personal fitness centers together with a spas and/or Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. A washing machine and dryer, and ironing board are some luxurious other features of vacation rentals.
For those people who choose to bring their work on vacation with them, some vacation rentals come with a high-speed Internet connection with fax facilities, and cordless telephones with a long-distance calling capability. Most companies are glad to offer off-site meeting supplies for working tourists. The benefits of vacation rentals over traditional lodging such as hotels, are limitless and will make anyone’s vacation the trip they have dreamed of.
Common Rates for Vacation Rentals
Most vacation rentals are rented out for at least a week, and the rates vary depending on duration of the stay. Rental companies often present discount rates for groups or if the stay period is a month or more. A villa in a luxurious resort can be rented for an approximate average rate of $350 to $450 per night, and a modest home with most amenities could be available for about $2,000 a month. Rates differ based on the location, the size of the vacation rental, and of course, the going rate in the area.
To find one of the many agents and travel agencies who will help you in securing an attractive vacation rental at the most popular places, get recommendations from friends, open up the yellow pages, or visit Happy traveling!
party on a cruise

Watch a Hens and Bucks party in a Hollywood flick and you’ll want to arrange one for your friends. While you may not be able to recreate the glamorous Hens and Bucks party depicted in Hollywood movies, you can ensure that the nights out with your friends is a time to remember. So, how can you make your Hens and Bucks party truly memorable in Vietnam? Let’s find out.

What’s so special about a Hens and Bucks party?
A night out with your gang is a great chance for you to have fun and create memories for the future. A Hens and Bucks party is a must for most Australians before their big day. Part of Australia’s pre-wedding culture, the Hens and Bucks party is held in several different ways including a party cruise. When it comes to Hens and Bucks parties, you have so many possibilities. However, it is important that the part reflects the personality of the groom or bride to be. For many people, it is one last bonding session while others see it as an opportunity to have a big night out.

Whether you a wild party on a cruise ship in Vietnam or a sophisticated high tea, there are services that can arrange a Hens and Bucks party based on your preferences and personality. As it is one final opportunity to celebrate singlehood, a Hens and Bucks party should be enjoyed to the fullest. Make it a night to remember. A night that you can look back at thirty years from now with immense pleasure. To ensure this, arrange everything that can make your bachelorette party great. This includes gifts, kitchen and table ware, novelties, party wear, games, decorations, inflatables and all the party accessories.

Where should a Hens and Bucks party be held?
By now, you may be wondering, “what is the best place to hold a Hens and Bucks party?” If that is indeed the case, then a good choice for you would be a cruise ship. Let’s be honest, no one would want to pass the opportunity to party on a cruise ship all night long. So, by holding your bachelorette party on a cruise in Ha Long bay, you will ensure one thing: all your buddies will there to celebrate your last day of singlehood. In addition to this, holding a Hens and Bucks party on a cruise will allow you to snap pictures that you’ll love looking at five, ten, fifteen years from now.

The bachelorette party is your chance to spend some time with your closes friends and indulge in some harmless fun. So, make the most of this opportunity and arrange the grandest party that you can. A good idea would be arranging the party on a luxury boat that cruises through the Quang Ninh harbor. Surely, nothing’s better than a wild night with friends on a cruise ship with the Ha Long harbor in the background. This is the sort of stuff dreams are made of. So, make the right choice and hold your Hens and Bucks party on a cruise. Contact with a travel agency like to arrange your party trip easily.

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