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Contact Center Applications / Technologies

In today's fast paced business environment, Customer Care operations face multiple challenges. Some of which includes increasing call volumes, high agent turnover rates, too many systems on the agents' desktops, rapid changes in product offerings, service toolsets, fundamental technologies, as well as escalating costs.

ITSP can design, implement, and integrate solutions designed to achieve rapid improvement in agent performance, and operational efficiency. Your customers can enjoy higher-quality experiences, while you see business results.

Contact Center Applications / Technologies

ITSP's Customer Care suite of applications is the primary toolset used for customer service. This application is used by a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to access customer information when a customer calls. If yours is a service-led business, improving your interface with the customer could be the key to competitive advantage.

ITSP can aggregate information from your diverse business applications into a smoothly functioning, unified desktop that provides agents with a 360-degree view of all customer interactions with the enterprise.

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Your agents can learn their jobs more quickly, complete calls more efficiently, and find more opportunities to convert service to sales. Your customers can experience more continuity from call to call, with increased satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

ITSP's self-service portals help achieve bottom-line results for your business by making your customers feel welcome, and helping them find what they want quickly and easily.

ITSP specializes in traditional DTMF and Voice Recognition based IVRs, with strong back-end system integration capabilities. We develop and maintain billing inquiries, payments, provisioning, invoice requests, and many other self-service functions.

E-Commerce Applications

ITSP specializes web site design, development, optimization and sale automation, with strong back-end system integration capabilities. We have developed and maintained billing inquiries, payments, provisioning, invoice requests, appointment scheduling, ordering, and many other self-service e-biz functions.

ITSP has implemented many e-business applications for telecom providers, insurance companies, and manufacturing firms, including sales, servicing, and order inquiry and tracking. Some of these applications are used by customers, dealers, and retailers across the country. High profile, mission critical, and highly automated, these e-biz applications have helped our partners to achieve their business goals.

Financial Management Applications

The accuracy of the statements that you provide to your customers can have an enormous impact on contact centre traffic. You want to ensure that your data is clean and your statements are well-designed, easy-to-understand, and most importantly, correct.

Payment Processing

ITSP has implemented payment processing solutions at very large enterprises, and can now provide the same functionality to small and medium sized organizations at a fraction of the cost.


Financial Management Applications

People Behind the Lights
Credit and Collections

Lapsed accounts and missed payments can cost your organization a significant portion of its revenues, not to mention the expense of chasing delinquent payees, or working with agencies.

People Behind the Lights

How can you determine what's really going on with your business unless you have robust, accurate reporting? ITSP understands data and the impact it can have when presented inaccurately.

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